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Commandez votre test d'amiante ici. Vous recevrez les résultats de votre test directement de notre laboratoire d'analyses d'amiante certifié.

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Asbestos Test

During reconstruction, you may come across some material which looks like asbestos. Perhaps you have a new house and the roof of the shed contains asbestos. You have doubts and would like to know if it is asbestos.


Pre-2000: was the building constructed before 2000, or you are unsure? In this case, presume the building contains asbestos unless you know for sure it doesn’t.

Post-2000: do you know for sure that the building was built in or after 2000? If so, it is unlikely to have any asbestos.

Have your suspicious materials tested by our accredited asbestos lab. For the test we need a sample. This may be as small as the size of a sugar lump. Simply send it to us and we will run the asbestos analysis on it. Take a look at the FAQ section of this website, where we explain about the process.

What others say…

"We have examined our new-to-be home and took some samples of suspect material. It was easy, and we immediately found out whether there is asbestos or not"

− Stuart Cook

"Fast service and glad to know that our flooring is asbestos free!"

− Roel Heating

"Money worth it, saved me from trouble of drilling into an asbestos wall!"

− Ronny Mulder

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